In Business intelligence, we are collecting continuously generating data, may it be streaming data, engagement data, batch data, or any other internal-external data, so that means all sorts of data, we collect this raw data to get powerful insights. These insights helps us to understand the business and helps us to develop more intelligent applications or to make informed decisions, but this raw data is still not the data we can use, to get insights from it we need to perform all sorts of processes like data cleansing, feature extraction, data preprocessing, data transformation so and so forth. Our main…

In this blog we are going to discuss a very interesting concept, which will explain how data coming from different sources is combined uniformly to form an integrated, time variant, and non volatile target system like data warehouse.We know by now that data must be loaded into data warehouse regularly so that it can serve its purpose of facilitating business analysis.To do this, data from one or more operational systems needs to be extracted and copied into the data warehouse. The challenge in data warehouse environments is to integrate, rearrange and consolidate large volumes of data over many systems, thereby…

I would like to start this blog by an interesting statement I read during my research,

Data is everything and data is much more than “just data”.

If you are a data science and data analytics enthusiast just like me ,then you must have gone through so many different blogs discussing how data is transformed, integrated, and processed to get analytical insights so that we can predict some figures from it. But while reading all these different blogs and different books,there always was one question in my mind, that was “What data actually is ?”

If we go by the…

In the previous blog, we discussed how data became the new oil of the 21st Century, also explained about concept data warehouses in brief. Now let’s dive deeper into the concept of the Data warehouse. If you haven’t read the previous blog then go ahead and give it a read,

Before moving ahead, one needs to understand the basic difference between a data warehouse and a database, In a data warehouse you “integrate and transform enterprise data into information” suitable for strategic decision making, whereas a database is a “collection of related data” which represents some elements of the real…

Analyatical Dashboards
Analytical Dashboards

Before we start our journey into the amazing world of Data, we need to understand why exactly is data becoming so crucial in today’s world and how it drives the decision-making processes of any enterprise, and how a crisis gave rise to the paradigm of Data warehouse.
As the winds of globalization started flowing, businesses became more complex, corporations spread globally, and competitions become fierce and cutthroat. To survive in this race, organizations needed information. Not just any information but information that will be readily available to make strategic decisions.

In those times or even as of today most of…

Abhishek Satish Gore

Geek in world of data, with interest in Data analyatics, Data Science, Machine learning.

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